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John Halder is a good man.

But John Halder must adapt to survive.

How is it possible to be a good person when things are falling apart?

‘You make a deal with yourself one minute, you totally repudiate it the next.’ As the world faces its Second World War, John Halder, a decent, intelligent, musicloving German professor, finds himself swept along in a movement that crescendos towards an unthinkable finale. Good is a warning for our times. Olivier Award-winning director Dominic Cooke reimagines one of Britain’s most powerful, political plays with David Tennant returning to the West End, for 10 weeks only.

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Panton St, West End, London SW1Y 4DN

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Captioned:  18 OCTOBER 2022 TBC 

Audio Described:  2 NOVEMBER 2022 TBC


6th October 2022 - 24th December 2022

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Harold Pinter - Panton St, London SW1Y 4DN

Harold Pinter Theatre

Panton St, West End, London SW1Y 4DN

Latest customer reviews

  • A confused version of a problematic play

    23 December 2022

    Given the glowing reviews I read in advance about this play, my friend and I left the theatre scratching our heads. First and foremost, I did not feel the portrait of Halder offered much insight into what makes a “good” human being turn into a Nazi, because Halder was never actually portrayed as “good.” He was narcissistic, had limited interest in the welfare of those around him and seemed to have all the makings of an authoritarian personality from the start. Additionally, this was primarily a cerebral play, which only truly struck me emotionally in the last five minutes—so as a play about the holocaust, I don’t consider it much of a success if I don’t feel anything beyond annoyance or bemusement for any of these characters. Finally, this production’s decision to have essentially a three person play with two characters playing multiple parts (and using various British accents instead of German ones) was muddled and confusing. A number of the more peripheral characters I never identified, and I found myself lost in several places. Tennant was good, but honestly, where he shines for me, is in mining the emotion in his characters (whether pathos or malignancy), and this character was devoid of much feeling at all—all actions were analyzed and rationalized and it came off as a rather clinical performance. The play did engender a good deal of discussion after the fact, but that revolved around trying to establish what the playwright really intended and why we felt this was ultimately an unsuccessful production.

    Caren Parnes Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Very good indeed

    3 December 2022

    Very apposite production our troubled modern world. Tennant excellent.

    A customer Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Thought provoking

    1 December 2022

    An interesting and thought provoking play. I think that without knowing some of the history and even better reading the programme it would not have been easy to understand some of the play and certainly it would have had less impact. It was a different perspective on the rise of the Nazis - telling it from the perspective of individuals and friendship; and that joining the party was not always philosophical but often pragmatic. It had a complex structure and actors playing more than one part. The staging was brilliant and appropriate. My hearing is less than perfect but even with that acknowledgement I could not hear over 50% of the play. My hearing companion agreed it was less than comfortable.

    Kay Margerison Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Great play

    2 November 2022

    Fantastic play, David Tennant is of course brilliant and although a very heavy topic has moments of lightness and I was captivated start to finish. Lots of food for thought about how a person normalised atrocities and became complicit.

    Ros Confirmed ticket purchaser